Why Invest?

Invest Money

Trust Deed Investing can provide an Extremely Safe investment with a high rate of return.

  • Your Investment Is Secure
  • No Minimum Investments
  • Monthly Disbursements
  • Flexible Loan Terms

Your Investment Is Secure: Your investment is secure with a 1st Trust Deed on real property with loan to value ratios not exceeding 65%. Loans close through a licensed escrow company with title insurance.

No Minimum Investments: Evoque Lending has no minimum loan amount guidelines. We fund loans of all sizes, allowing you to structure an investment that best meets your financial objectives.

Monthly Disbursements: Your interest payments are disbursed monthly by a third-party loan servicing company OR you can service the loan yourself. This creates a simple streamlined process of payment collection with no need for contact with the borrower.

Flexible Loan Terms: Our loans range from 3 months to 84 months in term and are generally structured as interest only.

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